Rubber Sheet

At present, electrical insulating rubber sheets are very popular to choose from. to prevent electric shock or prevent electric shock while working. But did you know! Just a normal electrical insulating rubber sheet. It may look simple, but it's even more special when you choose UL fireproof electrical insulating rubber sheet.

Both green SBR rubber sheet and green ESD anti-static rubber sheet are all rubber sheets that are popular for industrial applications. But these two types of tires are different as follows.

Have you ever wondered How do we know this is an ESD anti-static rubber sheet? Today, ElectroMer will teach you how to easily spot the ESD anti-static rubber sheet.

Currently, there are many grades of rubber sheets for you to choose from. but do you know Not all rubber sheets are suitable for applications that require high heat resistance and long continuous use, where the heat resistance of rubber sheets depends on the type of rubber and formulation.

You can inquire at HyperSheet brand (Polytech Industry Co., Ltd.) LINE OA : @PTIRUBBER Email: Tel: 022577154 MB : 0863077319

If you want more information about electrical insulating rubber sheet You can ask for more information at the ElectroMer brand via LINE OA : @PTIRUBBER

Are you looking for non-slip rubber pads? But I don't want too many patterns on the rubber sheet. still have anti-slip ability beautiful and elegant We recommend a coin pattern rubber mat from the brand HyperSheet.

Patterned rubber mat / anti-slip, brand HyperSheet is a rubber sheet designed for use in floor installations to prevent slipping. That comes with a surface on the top that prevents slipping. There are many patterns

Have you ever wondered? Both Viton rubber sheet and Redbrick silicone rubber sheet They are all capable of withstanding high temperatures similarly. But which rubber sheet is best for your application, today HyperSheet has the answer for you.

ElectroMer, the first and only electrical insulating rubber sheet in Thailand, tested according to IEC standards with a professional installation team. The best electrical insulating rubber sheet from the brand ElectroMer.

Do you know ! Not a normal silicone rubber sheet. Food grade features Can be used for both direct and indirect contact with food Therefore, you should pay close attention to the selection of silicone rubber sheets for use.

HyperSheet black sandblasting rubber sheet that we developed and designed specifically for sandblasting applications. which emphasizes exceptional wear resistance, flexibility, strength and excellent abrasion resistance from sand/grits

HyperSheet brand coin-pattern rubber mat, anti-slip, no need to fear falling Suitable for both flooring and furniture Black coin pattern gives it a classic look. Comes with a thickness of 3 mm and 5 mm

Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat. Rubber sheet that resist the flow of electricity. Helps the operator be safe while operating the MDB Switchboard SwitchGear electrical cabinet or other electrical devices. But the fact that the electrical insulating sheet just prevents the flow of electricity alone is not enough Would it be better to increase fire efficiency?

Electrical insulating rubber mat is a rubber sheet with electrical insulation properties. Resist the flow of electricity Often used as flooring, installed in front of the cabinet, MDB SwitchGear or various electrical equipment (Electrical Eqiupment) to prevent danger from electrical currents while operating And for us to be able to extend the life of the rubber insulation sheet

Silicone rubber sheet (Silicone Rubber Sheet) is a rubber sheet produced from raw materials, synthetic rubber silicone It has the main structure silicon (SI) and oxygen (O), which has a chemical structure similar to glass. The surface of the rubber sheet is smooth. Silicone rubber sheet has outstanding features in terms of wide operating temperature - 70 to +220 C.

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