Fine-Ribbed Patterned Rubber Mat 3 mm


Fine Ribbed Patterned Rubber mat 3 mm , High Abrasion Resistant, Good Oil & Water Resistant. Thickness 3 mm. / Tel : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 086-307-7319 / Email : / Line OA : @PTIRUBBER

Brand : HyperSheet


Fine-Ribbed Patterned Rubber Mat 3 mm

Fine-Ribbed Patterned Rubber " HyperSheet Brand"  The rubber sheet has a grooved surface. with anti-slip properties The rubber sheet is strong, scratch resistant, wear resistant, tear resistant. Good impact resistance, oil resistance, excellent water resistance It also helps trap dust. And easy to clean, easy to install, adheres to the surface to be installed. suitable for use floor pavement Anti-slip flooring in swimming pools, hotels, buildings, condos, hospitals, concert flooring car rubber mat Or various performance stages, floor coverings in trains, etc.


           Properties             Spec.
           Brand             HyperSheet
           Product Name             Fine-Ribbed Patterned Rubber Mat
           Material             NR
           Color             Black
           Surface             Fine-Ribbed Patterned
           Thickness (mm.)             3 mm.
           Width (Meter.)             1 Meter.
           Length/Roll (Meter.)             10 Meters.
           Hardness             65+/-5 Shore A
           Delivery              Free Delivery



  • The surface is anti-slip patterned (Anti Slip).
  • Excellent oil resistance, water resistance
  • Traps dust, easy to clean
  • Tough rubber texture, resistant to tearing, excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good strength, protects all surfaces
  • Easy to install, sticks to the surface more usable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Our Service

  • Die-Cutting
  • Cut-To-Length


Terms of purchase

  • Sold starting from 1 roll
  • Installation service when ordering a minimum of 100 square meters or more
  • Delivery time 3-5 working days


Ask for more information at :

Tel : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 086-307-7319 / Email :

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