Green Antistatic Rubber Sheet (ESD) Thickness 2 mm


Green Antistatic Rubber Sheet (ESD) Size Thickness 2 mm x Width 1.2 m produced in matte and glossy surfaces. Anti-Static, ESD, Excellent Dissipation, Scratch Resistant, Wear Resistant, Tear Resistant, Excellent Oil and Chemical Resistance Tel : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 086-307-7319 Line OA : @PTIRUBBER

Brand : ElectroMer


Green Antistatic Rubber Sheet (ESD)

ElectroMer, ESD rubber sheet supplier or antistatic rubber sheet (Antistatic Rubber Sheet) is a rubber sheet that has properties. Helps to prevent static electricity generation and transfers static charges from the workpiece or material on the workbench to the ground. Suitable for use in the electronic industry. Laying the floor of the workbench in the workshop


           Properties             Spec.
           Brand             ElectroMer
           Product Name             ESD Rubber Mat
           Code             EM-ESD-2.0X1.2
           Material             ESD
           Top Layer Color              Green
           Bottom Layer Color              Black
           Surface Treatment              Dull
           Thickness (mm.)             2 mm
           Width (Meter.)             1.2 Meter.
           Length/Roll (Meter.)             10 Meters.
           Hardness             65+/-5 Shore A
           Working Temp.             -40 to +100°C
           Delivery              Free Delivery



  • ESD protection against static electricity
  • Excellent transfer
  • Scratch resistant, wear resistant, tear resistant
  • Excellent oil and chemical resistance
  • Lead-free, safe to use.


Our Service
  • Production service according to Spec.
  • Custom cutting service
  • Free shipping service


Sold starting at 1 roll (length 10 meters/roll)

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