NBR Rubber Sponge Self Adhesive 5x15 mm


NBR Rubber Sponge Self Adhesive 5x15 mm with outstanding properties for excellent oil resistance, such as vegetable oil, animal oil, petroleum oil or fuel oil. Wear resistant and strong. Tel : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 086-307-7319 / LINE OA : @ptirubber

Brand : SAPONG


NBR Rubber Sponge Self Adhesive Sponge rubber with high elasticity, good recovery, closed-cell structure, has outstanding oil resistance properties such as vegetable oil, animal oil, petroleum oil or fuel oil. Good wear resistance and strength. Suitable for applications that come into contact with oil. Or other sealing work, production line, construction work or car assembly work such as machine rubber seals Machine rubber seals Rubber seals for various workpieces, etc.

NBR Sponge Rubber - Self Adhesive Tape 5x15 mm.

Code : SPSCNBB605X15A

  • Excellent resistance to oils such as vegetable oils, animal oils, petroleum oils
  • Resistant to blistering when immersed in oil.
  • Closed-cell structure is highly flexible.
  • Excellent shape retention, good recovery
  • Wear-resistant? Tearing as well


   Properties   Spec.
   Code   SPSCNBB605X15A
   Material   NBR RUBBER
   Cross Section   Square Cord
   Color   Black
   Hardness   60+/-5 Shore OO
   Working Temp.   -35 to +120ºC
   Compression Set   Good
   Oil Resistance   Good-Excellent


Our Service

  • Production service according to the format according to use.
  • Cut to length service.
  • Adhesive tape installation service.
  • Custom cut service.
  • Letter printing service on the work piece.
  • Free Delivery


For more information, please contact :
Tel : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 086-307-7319 / Email : info@ptigroups.com

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