Redbrick Silicone Rubber Sponge Brick 50x12 mm


Silicone sponge rubber has outstanding features on a wide operating temperature range. Silicone sponge rubber can be used to the minimum temperature of -70°C and at the same time Silicone sponge rubber can withstand heat up to +315°C and also silicone sponge is also flexible. Good Compression Set can restore well, not easy deformation Silicone sponge rubber has food grade qualities Safe for use for the industry Tel : 022577154 MB : 0621515494 LINEOA : @ptirubber

Brand : SAPONG


Redbrick silicone sponge rubber High temperature resistant sponge rubber 315 °C (Working temp -70 to + 315 °C) Hardness 60+/-5 Shore OO Flexible sponge rubber high heat resistance Silicone sponge rubber has food grade properties. Safe to use for industry


Product Name : Silicone Sponge Rubber-Square Cord
Cross Section : Square Cord
Material : Silicone Rubber
SIZE : 12x50 mm
Hardness : 60+/-5 Shore OO
Working Temp. : -70 to+315°C
Length/Roll : 50 M (N/A)
Color : Redbrick
Material Certification : FDA

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