EPDM Rubber Strip 3x50mm


EPDM Rubber Strip Size Thickness 3 mm X Width 50 mm Rubber sheet with outstanding properties, excellent resistance to UV Ozone and the environment It is also resistant to heat up to +160ºC The service can be cut according to drawings or cut to size according to the use of the building. The product is ready to ship. Free delivery nationwide. When ordering a minimum of 50 meters or more. Tel : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 098-289-8676 / Line OA : @PTIRUBBER


EPDM Rubber Strip Size 3x50mm

  • Excellent UV Ozone and environment resistant
  • Resistant to water, steam, sea water and hot water
  • Chemical resistance, especially acid-base chemicals
  • Heat resistance up to +160ºC
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for use on Gasket rubber sheet, rubber floor mat, strip rubber sheet, etc.


   Properties   Spec.
   Material   EPDM Rubber
   Color   Black
   Thickness   3 mm
   Width   50 mm
   Hardness   65+/-5 Shore A
   Working Temp.   -50 to +160 ºC


Our Service

  • Production service according to the format according to use.
  • Cut to length service.
  • Adhesive tape installation service.
  • Custom cut service.
  • Letter printing service on the work piece.
  • Free Delivery When ordering 50 meters or more.


For more information, please contact :
Tel : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 098-289-8676 / Technical Engineer : 086-307-7319
Email : info@ptigroups.com
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