ESD Suction Cup


ESD Suction Cup Rubber suction cup electronic components EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) surface designed to have a vacuum gravity. Serves in suction, picking, or moving the workpiece. Not to be dropped or damaged Has electrical properties Helps eliminate ESD static electricity el : 0-2257-7154 / MB : 098-289-8676 / Line OA : @PTIRUBBER


ESD Suction Cup
  • Excellent sunlight resistance to UV Ozone environments.
  • Resistant to aging Long service life.
  • Closed-cell structure is highly flexible.
  • Excellent shape retention, good recovery
  • Heat resistance up to + 160ºC


   Properties   Spec.
   Material   Black ESD Silicone Rubber
   Product name   Silicone ESD
   Hardness   45+/-5 Shore OO
   Min Order   50,000 EA


Our Service

  • Production service according to the format according to use.
  • Cut to length service.
  • Adhesive tape installation service.
  • Custom cut service.
  • Letter printing service on the work piece.
  • Free Delivery When ordering 50 meters or more.


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